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Solving Your Clients Biggest Payroll Challenge

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If you or your clients spend hours each week dealing with handwritten time cards, faxed or emailed timesheets, or simply hand entering time into QuickBooks, then you my friend, have a problem.

The Bad

The bad news is paper time cards (and punch clocks) really are costing your clients more than they think – potentially thousands of dollars each year.  The American Payroll Association estimates a business can save 2% or more on payroll each year (not including the savings on taxes or withholdings) just by automating their time and attendance.

The Good

The good news you don’t need to have a time tracking problem. TSheets is the #1 rated app in the entire Intuit App Center, is easy to use, web-based (works for remote and mobile employees), and seamlessly syncs with QuickBooks, saving you and your clients buckets of time and yes, all that money on payroll as well.

The Good Looking (That’s You!)

You’ve recommended TSheets to your clients, and TSheets will continue to make you look good to your clients. You’ve solved their biggest payroll problem, saved them time and money on payroll, provided multiple ways for their employees to clock in and out for work, including computer, tablet, cell phone, text message, Twitter, and dial-in – AND delivered a product with five-star rated, FREE and unlimited customer support – just in case they need it.

Reporting, Job Costing, Billing, Invoicing and More

In addition to accurate and mobile time tracking, TSheets provides a plethora of reports, real-time labor data for accurate job costing, immediate client invoicing and billing, and includes GPS tracking when employees use TSheets’ mobile apps.

What’s not to love? Try TSheets for yourself with a free 14-day trial – or sign up as a TSheets PRO and enjoy your own free TSheets account and a 10% discount for your clients (and much, much more).

Please use this affiliate link for more information