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Intuit Solutions

Intuit Solutions

Intuit Makes Running Your Business Easier

Why team with us for your Intuit solutions?

As an QuickBooks Solutions Proivder, we bridge the ‘expertise gap’ between the services provided by your Accountant and what’s going on inside Intuit’s technology – helping you get the most from your Intuit investments.

With Intuit solutions, managing your business has never been easier. In addition to providing financial software, we can assist you with Intuit solutions that make it easy for any small business owner to get paid and pay your employees.

Intuit’s financial software offers capabilities, flexibility, and ease of use that lets you work the way you want to, with built-in functionality and reporting to meet your expanding business needs. Intuit’s QuickBooks Pro, Premier, or Enterprise Solutions will streamline your critical business operations.

Intuit’s Payment solutions support both credit and debit card processing, while providing seamless integration with Intuit’s financial software – saving you time and increasing accuracy. Intuit Payment solutions can help you increase sales (the average credit card sale is more than four times larger than a cash sale), get paid faster, and reduce risks by eliminating the time spent generating and following up on unpaid invoices, tracking customer information, and recording merchant services.

Intuit’s Payroll solutions can reduce HR and Finance costs. With three clicks, the Intuit Payroll solution can be up and running, whether you create payroll checks or direct deposit. Intuit’s ‘No Penalties’ guarantee reduces your risks and increases efficiencies by ensuring deductions and withholdings are calculated automatically. The seamless integration with QuickBooks updates accounting information automatically.

With Intuit’s complete solution portfolio and seamlessly integrated software, you’ll be saving time and money, while positioning your business for growth.

Migrate today

Tell me more about Intuit’s solution

We are thrilled to partner with you to provide the best pricing possible to you and your clients. Don’t forget that by processing your orders for Intuit products and services with us, you are also entitled to the benefits of our referral program. This is a win for you based on recouping some of your time investment with helping your clients, plus their gratitude for helping them find such a good deal. A win for the clients based on the ease of getting what they need (including the conversation to make sure they have the best solution for them, if needed) at a fabulous price. And a win for us based on the fact that you are helping us keep up our numbers with Intuit so we can continue to have all the perks that comes with being one of the top QuickBooks Solution Providers in the nation.

To Get Started

Please send us a Contact Us form if we do not have a prior relationship so we are sure to have your contact information. In the notes section, if you would like to share your client’s name (and optionally their contact information so we will be sure to make the connection when they contact us) so we can capture that you are the referral source, that would be wonderful too. We will not contact them, unless you state specifically that we should, but if they place an order, it is just helpful since we will already have them in our system and know they go with you. If you are interested in an order form you can provide to your clients to make the process even easier for you: Download Hardware/Software Order Form, ACH Payment Form, Check Order Form and/or Client Flyer.

Packaging Suggestion

Many firms are transitioning to more flat fee and/or value pricing models. We have found it to be very effective to create a “bundle” that includes the software along with checks, merchant services, payroll, and your professional services to get this fully integrated system up and running as efficiently as possible. Maybe you even bundle in the integrated applications you recommend. We can help you with all the leg work to get the Intuit part of the system set up, and you just need to do the work with the client. It all goes back to that win-win-win for everyone.


Note that prices typically change as of the first of the new month.
If you find a lower price, let us know and we can typically get approval to match it!
If you or your clients are not sure which product you need, just Contact Us and we can help you figure it out.
We can also process “add a seat” for any of the products at our discounted rates.