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Business Software

Business Software

When we speak of business software, it falls into three categories:

QuickBooks Accounting Software Products

This category includes all the different accounting products available directly from Intuit: Pro, Premier, Pro Plus, Premier Plus, Enterprise Solutions, QuickBooks Online (Simple Start, Essentials, Plus, and Advanced) and all industry specific editions. Based on our relationship with Intuit, we are able to pass along savings to you when you purchase QuickBooks products by clicking through links from our site. With our current discount it will be 15%-50% off retail and shipping is free. In addition to the accounting software products mentioned, discounts will apply on Learning QuickBooks CD program, Point of Sale, Customer Manager, and checks and supplies from that same link.

QuickBooks Add-Ons & Utilities

QuickBooks Add-Ons, by our definition, are those products which provide specific functionality enhancements not available through QuickBooks products directly. This may be feature enhancements such as enhanced customer relationship manangement features like marketing e-mails and activity logs, PDA integration for field people in a service business, document management capabilities, printing checks on blank check stock, etc. Typically these are programs that are used regularly by QuickBooks users as a front end interface.

As compared to QuickBooks Utilities there are those products which make our job easier or more efficient. Some common examples are data transfer tools that permit moving transactions from one file to another, excel Add-Ins that can extract information from QuickBooks to make manipulation or access to data possible that cannot be done any other way, or tools that automate the process of receiving data that is used to update the QuickBooks data file (such as information that comes in via e-mail and then is used to automatically create sales receipts in QuickBooks with little or no user intervention). These are typically tools which are used behind the scenes to eliminate time consuming data entry projects when information is already available electronically.

For a listing with links to more information of some of the products we use and/or resell plus an overview of “How Add-Ons Work”, visit our Add-Ons & Utilities page.

On to the products…