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Internet-based QuickBooks from Right Networks – A Proven Provider

Internet-based QuickBooks from Right Networks – A Proven Provider

Proven Reliability Trusted World-Wide

Our Internet-based QuickBooks offering is powered by our service partner, Right Networks.

Rock-Solid Infrastructure

Right Networks’ Internet-based QuickBooks offering is delivered from a top-of-the-line data center that provides true enterprise-class scale and reliability including: fulltime security, video surveillance, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), back-up generators, fully redundant power and network systems, advanced network firewalls, smoke detection and fire suppression systems, flood detection systems, and daily back-ups of QuickBooks data. The data center Internet connection delivers 10MB/s continuous with burst throughput up to 100MB/s.

Team with an Outstanding Technology Outsourcing Partner

If you offer outsourced bookkeeping services or are considering offering such services, you understand the motivation for outsourcing: your customers can improve their business focus and save money by having you manage their books.

The same principal applies to the technology required to support outsourced bookkeeping: you can improve your focus on bookkeeping and save money by having a technology company manage the necessary computer systems.

Setting up a secure, reliable data center requires a significant investment in money to purchase server-class computer, networking, and firewall systems. This investment is dwarfed by the investment in time required to learn the technology so that you can purchase the right systems, set them up correctly, and keep them running properly and securely. In addition, the on-going costs of sufficient bandwidth to keep your customers happy can be prohibitive to many companies.

Our service partner, Right Networks, has made the essential investments to enable us to add Internet-based QuickBooks to its offerings. In addition, Right Networks has entered into the legal agreements with software vendors that are required to host applications for external users. By teaming with Right Networks, you can avoid the cost and distraction of setting up a data center yourself.

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