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Intuit Payment Solutions

Intuit Payment Solutions

Intuit Payment Solutions – Increase Your Revenue Stream with Credit Cards

Why team with us for your Intuit solutions?
As a QuickBooks Solution Provider, we’ve spent more than 15 years learning the value of Intuit’s offerings and how to get the most from them. We are your Intuit liason so you only need to have one point of contact, US, for all your Intuit products and services.

Call 1-800-787-8744 for special offers.

 Intuit Payment Solutions make it easy for you to get approved merchant accounts, ready for installation within 24 hours. Three out of five Intuit Payment Solutions customers say this solution helps their businesses get paid faster and is the best fit for their credit card processing needs.

The “Right for Me” Payment Solution offering includes: QuickBooks POS Merchant Services, Merchant Service for QuickBooks, Merchant Service for Terminals, GoPayment (Mobile), and Merchant Service for Web Stores. Online Demos on each product are available for you to view. Give us a call and we will help you with any of these offerings.

QuickBooks Payments lets you accept credit cards, debit cards, and ACH bank transfers. You can spend money immediately after it hits your QuickBooks Cash account.

See current rates:

Have QuickBooks Desktop? See Payments for QuickBooks Desktop

Why add Intuit Payment Solutions to your business strategy?
• Increase income – the average credit card sale is more than four times the size of each sale
• Increase performance – payment solutions seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks saving time and increasing accuracy by avoiding double entry and errors
• Avoid delays – most businesses are approved and ready to begin processing payments within 24 hours
• Reduce risks – PCI compliance is critical and using Intuit Payment Solutions with QuickBooks those issues have been addressed
• Improve efficiency – eliminate time spent generating and following up on unpaid invoices; reconciling deposits and entering fees
• Increase customer satisfaction – let customers purchase the way they want to purchase
• Reduce costs – no hidden fees, no long-term contracts

Why team with us for Intuit Payment solutions?
As an QuickBooks Solution Provider we understand the challenges associated with reconciling merchant accounts with financial systems. We’ve spent 20 years learning Intuit’s product features and how to best implement this functionality into your financial systems. We help you seamlessly integrate Intuit’s solutions to grow your business and work with you:
• Reduce your risks by analyzing your business needs for payment solutions and connecting you to the right Intuit resources
• Improve performance – with Intuit’s seamless integration your QuickBooks Financials and accounting information is automatically updated with accurate information
• Secure the necessary training to speed implementation
• Lower your costs by identifying processes that will simplify and streamline your operations

Contact us regarding Intuit’s Payment Solutions today

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