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What Participants Are Saying
“I thought the seminar was well done. The content was great…”
S. Brummet, Intuit, Dallas, TX

“Great use of the web and QuickBooks!”
K. Docken, CA CPA Education Foundation, Redwood City, CA

“It was better from an educational standpoint than anything anyone else offers.”
R. Brown, Boonsboro, MD

“Informative in ways I would not have thought, given the Q & A’s of the participants.”
J. Salven, Fresno, CA

“[Bonnie’s] clear communication style and knowledge of QuickBooks is a wise investment of time and money for anyone using the software.”
S. Lowes, Toronto, Canada

“Convenient and Informative”
R. Williams, Concord , CA

“As in the past I love your tele-class!  I find the way you present and explain each subject very interesting. It shows that you not only know each subject very throughly, but that you also care for the person asking the question to understand your explanation.”
Luisa D’Amico, Glendora, CA

What a Tele-class Is
Imagine being able to save money by sitting on the phone for an hour. No tough technology. All you need is a telephone and a web browser connected to the internet.

“Time is money”. So we have developed a series of tele-classes that use the simplest piece of technology you own — a telephone, and you can participate in the classes from anywhere you can find one.

The calls are just like being in a classroom. You have notes to follow, an instructor who is speaking and the opportunity to ask questions and benefit from your classmates’ questions as well. The only difference is that you may all be in different cities and different countries. And this is an added benefit, too.

The only cost to you besides the registration fee is potentially the price of the long distance call from your long distance carrier. At $.05/minute this could be as low as $3.00. Compare this to transportation costs like gas and parking or airfare and you know that this is worth trying.

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Why Small Business Owners and Managers Love It
What if you could get sound business and financial advice from professionals in an hour? We use teleclasses as a method of delivering education information because:

YOU NEED IT to get access to support in the form of a live consultant on a specific issue, to learn more to improve your business because your Accountant recommended it, because you learn best with small blocks of information then go and use it before learning more and because you are looking for a cost effective alternative to research unfamiliar issues including tips and tricks to make a difference immediately.

YOU WANT IT in a format that provides relevance and timeliness and eliminates the cost and time of travel to make the experience less stressful.

IT IS AFFORDABLE. This is the most affordable method available today.

And if you’re not available during a scheduled time, you can GET IT 24/7 by ordering the recording.

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Why Accountants Love It
What if you could fulfill your CPE requirements with a couple of phone calls? Self-study is ineffective. This method of learning combines the interactive benefits of a live seminar without the time, cost, and inconvenience of leaving your home or office. By teaching you what you need to know and letting you “get back to work” you are encouraged to “use” the information immediately.

We know that you NEED IT because:

  • you live in remote areas and would like the benefits of a live instructor and the resulting interaction that provides (self-study does not provide anyone to answer questions)
  • or you are a large firm who would like to increase productivity while providing excellent training to your staff.

The one hour blocks are done in your office with limited down time. These tele-classes are designed with your professional needs in mind.

YOU WANT IT in a format that provides relevance, timeliness and eliminates the cost and time of travel to make the experience less stressful.

IT IS AFFORDABLE. This is the most affordable kind of consulting. As a further convenience, you can SIGN UP on the Internet 24/7. It’s there when you need it, whenever you want it to fit your schedule.

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How It Works:
A tele-class is an interactive seminar that is conducted via a telephone conference call. Simply follow these steps to participate:

  1. Visit to register. A confirmation will be e-mailed to you immediately.
  2. A day before the tele-class, you will be e-mailed the telephone number and code needed to access the call as well as the login information for accessing the web portion.
  3. On the day of the tele-class you will receive a final e-mail reminder one hour before the tele-class just to help make sure you don’t miss it! Then, at the start time, call the number (no additional conference call charges, only long distance charges, when applicable) and enter the access code. No additional equipment is required. You can also join the tele-class through the internet and see anything on the instructor’s desktop as part of the presentation.
  4. Sit back and enjoy the tele-class – that is all there is to it!
  5. This is a live, interactive event that provides the opportunity for you to ask all your questions and receive answers. To submit questions, either e-mail them ahead of time, or submit them via the Q&A box once the tele-class has begun.

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