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QuickBooks and QuickBooks Add-On Professional Job Description

As a key member, you will support our clients with various QuickBooks and related add-on products, document QuickBooks issues and work arounds, etc. Excellent telephone and computer skills are required. This position can be filled by a regular employee (preferred) or an independent contractor on an “as needed” basis for specific client projects. The expectation at the beginning is this will be a part time position, but it could quickly evolve into full time employment.

Job Requirements:

In addition to the general skills detailed in the Company Overview section, the ideal candidate for this specific position has the following qualities and skill set:

  • Minimum of 3-5 years’ work with QuickBooks accounting software
  • Certified QuickBooks Professional Advisor designation required
  • Advanced Certified QuickBooks Professional Advisor designation preferred
  • Consulting Company or CPA Firm experience preferred (or equivalent experience with juggling multiple clients)
  • Opportunity to tele-commute – work can be mostly on-line and on the phone

This position requires QuickBooks experience – we are not willing to consider candidates that do not meet the requirements above. If you have a specific area of expertise, for example QuickBooks inventory, QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Point of Sale, construction, non-profit, etc. that is extremely helpful for us to know. Most all of our work is designed to be done remotely. However, we do work with multiple independent contractors: some based on the location when we need “feet on the street” to physically go on-site with a client, other projects can be done remotely. Finding the best candidate to serve the client’s needs is easiest when we have a clear picture of where you would be a great fit.

Next Steps:

If you would like to jump start on the process of us learning more about you, please complete our strategic partner checklist. It is designed to have you explain your strengths and weaknesses as it relates to QuickBooks as well as provide an opportunity for you to comment on how we might best work together. For more information on the company and application instructions, visit http://www.accountingsoftwaresecrets.com/we-are-hiring-join-our-team