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Special Offer: QuickBooks Webinar Attendee

Thanks for Attending and

Enter Below for the QuickBooks Premier 2014 Drawing!


I am thrilled that you attended my QuickBooks session on serving the mid-market client through Surgent McCoy on November 22, 2013. Hopefully you learned a few tips and tricks during the session to improve you use of QuickBooks and they way you work with your QuickBooks clients.

Here is the link to the brief survey to enter you in the drawing for a single user license of QuickBooks Premier 2014 valued at $399.95. It is a Not For Resale (NFR) license which means you can use it internally, or give it away to a client, non-profit, or anyone you choose. You just cannot sell it to anyone.

Enter the drawing by November 29, 2013 for QuickBooks Premier 2014!

For other Surgent McCoy courses we will be presenting, visit our Training Calendar.

About Us:

We want to be your Intuit Liason, and as such, have a referral program so you can pass along additional benefits to your client, or keep the benefits for yourself. Any sales are processed directly through Intuit, and will show up as such on your credit card statement. However, we work hard to pass along the best pricing and best experience to you, so we appreciate any business we can do together. In addition, Intuit does track how much business we bring to the table, so the more you can help us keep our numbers up, the better we are able to work on your behalf.

For consulting, most of our work comes as referrals from other Small Business Professionals. We love to work with you on specific QuickBooks and related add-on projects to help you help your clients get the most out of their QuickBooks investment. We don’t do any tax work. We respect your that your clients are valuable to you, and will do everything in our power to help solidify that relationship on your behalf. We can work behind the scenes, through you, or directly with your client, depending on what makes the most sense in a specific situation.

Want to learn more or discuss how we can help you grow your practice? Contact Us!