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QuickBooks Payroll

QuickBooks Payroll

Intuit Payroll Solutions – Run Your Payroll with Three Simple Clicks!

Why team with us for your Intuit solutions?
As a QuickBooks Solution Provider, we understand what your business Accountant needs to close the books and safeguard the company. We bridge the gap between financial reporting and the Intuit technology that is providing that information. We are your Intuit liason so you only need to have one point of contact, US, for all your Intuit products and services.

Intuit provided Payroll lets you run your payroll with three simple clicks, whether you’re creating paychecks or initiating direct deposits. With Intuit’s “No Penalties Guarantee” (if the data provided is accurate, on time, and the payroll account is sufficiently funded), Intuit handles all payroll tax deposits and filings on time and accurately or Intuit will pay the resulting payroll tax penalty.

Intuit Assisted Payroll saves over competitive offerings. The full range of online offerings can be seamlessly integrated with QuickBooks tax filings and payments. Deductions and withholdings are automatically calculated and tax filings and forms are guaranteed. PLUS you’ll have unlimited access to dedicated payroll experts or use of online help center, 24×7.

Intuit Payroll has several options to choose from:
• Do It for you (Intuit Full Service Payroll or Assisted)
• QuickBooks Online Payroll (Core Payroll, Premium Payroll, and Elite Payroll)
• Intuit Online Payroll (Intuit Online Payroll Basic or Enhanced)
• Do It Yourself (Enhanced or Basic Desktop)
• Do It Yourself Accountants

See QuickBooks Payroll in action: https://youtu.be/lDFpO8uhS-Q

With Intuit Payroll Solutions you can:
• Reduce costs associated with HR and Finance
• Reduce risks – “no penalties guarantee”
• Improve productivity – unlimited access to payroll experts
• Increase efficiencies – deductions and withholdings automatically calculated
• Improve reporting – seamless integration with QuickBooks

Why team with us for Intuit QuickBooks Payroll?
With more than 20 years experience using Intuit technology to run our business as well as helping thousands of customers run theirs, we’re industry recognized for our expertise in helping users get more from their Intuit investments.

We work with you to:
• Reduce your risks by analyzing your payroll needs and connecting you to the right Intuit resources
• Improve performance with Intuit’s Payroll Solutions’ seamless integration your QuickBooks Financials and accounting information is automatically updated with accurate information
• Lower your total cost of ownership by connecting you to a payroll service that is up to 50 percent less than competitive offerings

Contact us regarding Intuit’s Payroll Solutions today