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How to Eliminate One of Your Biggest QuickBooks Headaches

Thank you for your interest in our QuickBooks Diagnostic Solutions!  We are always excited to have the opportunity to help accountants and business owners succeed using technology.

As part of this ongoing effort to help accountants and other professional service providers building thriving practices, we are pleased to announce that we have partnered with the BMRG Advisory Program!  Our diagnostic and testing solutions are now being offered exclusively to members of that program, and we are in the process of bringing even more great solutions to you! 

Accountants and QuickBooks® Accounting Software Consultants:

“How to Eliminate One of Your Biggest QuickBooks Headaches”
(And Sell a Whole Lot More of Your
Services at the Same Time!)

Are you tired of working for free when it comes to diagnosing problems in client files?

Do you ever wish you could end the frustrating “trial and error” of trying to find and correct client QuickBooks mistakes?

Can your practice use thousands of dollars of additional sales?

Would you like to plug one your biggest profit leaks at the same time?
Jump Start Your QuickBooks Business

Now there is a software program Jump Start Your QuickBooks Jump Start Your QuickBooks Business

Now there is a software program (created by a CPA) that can make your life a whole lot easier and put your QuickBooks business into high gear!

• Get more accurate data from your clients

• Dump one of your biggest problems and pull in tons of new client work at the same time!

• Increase the profitability of your QuickBooks consulting business

• Create a big “profit wedge” that will generate cash month after month!

• Get the professional fees that you deserve!

Why the Tool Exists

When I first started working with clients’ QuickBooks files years ago, I faced the same problems you do. As a busy CPA, I knew I needed to find an easy way to quickly get an accurate picture of potential data problems in my client’s files. I wanted to know what they were doing right, and what they weren’t. I just couldn’t find a decent solution to the problem. At first, every single method I tried either relied on the client’s knowledge of the issues, trial and error, or just plain took way too much time. Time that clients didn’t always like to pay for.

That’s Why I Created this Tool!

Have you ever had the experience of quoting a client a fee to clean up a messy QuickBooks file, only to ending up working to fix it without being paid for all the time you put into it? Well, I did, until I found a way to confidently charge more for fixing the file… rather than simply by the amount of time I spent. (Or less if the client was unwilling to pay!) Save just a few of those unpaid hours and this tool will pay for itself as soon as you start using it.

“I am receiving more calls to come out to look at clients QB, on one particular job I did not use the tool and the clients file was a mess and time consuming. Then I attended the free tele-class and took the suggestions to heart. On my next client, I said I would use the tool to find exactly what was wrong with the file and in the end will present them with a report with the results. The client didn’t bat an eye and said “Go for it.” The tele-class couldn’t have come at a better time, I followed Bonnie’s advice and the tool does exactly what she said it would.”

— Joe Limmer,

Make Life Easier by Getting More Accurate Data from Client Files

This 7th version of the Small Business Diagnostic Tool-QuickBooks Edition organizes the process of analyzing any client’s QuickBooks file. The SBDT-QE’s organized approach includes 150+ questions broken into 23 functional topics. You get specific instructions for each product (Basic, Pro, Premier and Industry Specific Premier) and versions 5 through 2008 (2009 coming soon!) as well as commentary on each question.

Also included are practical tips and tricks related to the questions. The SBDT-QE generates a 20+ page custom printed report that can be presented to the client as a stand alone product or as value added recap of the work you perform.

And you can forget doing those “free introductory meetings” since the SBDT-QE allows you to get paid for the high value printed report. With the SBDT-QE, you can stop wasting time with outdated trial and error assessment methods and stop working for free! Order Now.

“Since I received the CD for the tool, whenever anybody calls off the website, I tell them that I will do the diagnostic program for them.  So far 2 businesses have taken me up on it and it has really gotten rid of the looky-loo’s and people who are looking for ‘freebies’. “

— Ken Meyer,

“I found this Diagnostic Tool to be thorough and a must for accountants and pro-advisors. Both you and your client will have a complete, clear picture of what needs to be accomplished, in one flexible, easy to use, package. There is nothing else like it!”

— Chuck Vigeant, ACCOUNTiGRATE, Houston, TX

You don’t have to be a QuickBooks expert to use the SBDT-QE, but if you are, it will significantly speed your work. Both seasoned pros and beginners alike will benefit from countless hours and client experiences we used to develop this breakthrough program.

How to Quickly Increase Revenue by Increasing Your Value to Clients

The higher the perceived value of your services, the more you will be able to charge for your time. With the QBDT you’ll instantly have more confidence and a higher level of credibility and respect from clients since you can quickly determine what’s wrong with a file and print a written report on the spot… something your competition won’t be able to do!

“I have been able to increase my consulting fees by nearly 50% since I began using the SBDT-QE! “

— Lynetta Naour, Tucson, AZ

Clients Will Love You!

Since this software lets you provide a well written report (totally editable in Word) detailing exactly what you are going to do to their file, it gives them a much better impression of you as a QuickBooks consultant. Having the ability to quickly and easily document your work makes you look like an expert in the eyes of the client… an expert who can charge more for their services! Prospects love the fact that they will know what it will cost before you start.

Features for 2008 Will Speed Your Work

• Completely updated for all QuickBooks Version 2008 Products
• Now includes Enterprise Solution Version 5-8
• Ability to add your own logo to printed reports
• Reports exportable to Word® for complete editability
• Additional space for notes
• Includes optional section summaries that can be added to reports
• Cover letter now completely editable by user
• Easier to navigate and answer only applicable questions
• Answers summarized in front of each completed question
• Progress Bar lets you know where you are in the topic
• Sample non-disclosure agreement for new client engagements
• 23 topic areas and over 150 questions

NO Expensive Per Use Charges

Once you buy this tool, you own it. Use it as much or as often as you like for an unlimited number of sessions and clients.

A Professional Tool that Makes You Look Like a Genius

This Diagnostic Tool is NOT a simple file scan, but a professional analysis and training tool. This program takes you beyond just the obvious objective issues into the important subjective calls.

Easy to Use and Even Easier Take with You

SBDT-QE is easy to use. With each question you have the opportunity to enter an answer (OK, Fix, Not Sure or N/A) plus space for your personal notes on the final report. Work at your office or that of your client: You get the tool on a CD–ROM that will fit into the smallest of briefcases. Since it runs directly from the CD, there is nothing to install… Work on your own or a client’s computer and take your CD with you when you leave. Use it with complete confidence as the SBDT-QE does not interface directly with the QuickBooks® Accounting Software, but appears as a small window on your computer screen along with QuickBooks itself.

Why You Need this Software…

The SBDT-QE gives you an organized approach to looking at the data file to determine where the potential problem areas are, but it is much more than that:

• It provides you with a saleable product without extra work.

• It will increase the perceived value of your work, allowing you to charge more.

• It will help CPAs meet documentation requirements for engagements by providing a written report for client files.

• It can be used to train new (or unfamiliar) staff on the use and features of QuickBooks

• It can be used as a checklist when setting up a new QuickBooks data file to ensure that no issues have been overlooked

• It can be used to speed a conversion from another software package

• You can use it as fast and easy real time troubleshooting guide when clients call with questions… no matter what version they are using.

You Can Even Sell Single Reports for More than the Cost of the Tool

This unique tool will provide you with a saleable product without any extra work… or let you charge for initial client meetings! You can even sell your very first report at a profit!

100% Risk-Free Guarantee

…Order entirely at our risk. The SBDT-QE comes with a 100% Unconditional 30 day Money-Back Guarantee. There is absolutely NO RISK on your part… We want you to order with complete confidence. If for any reason you aren’t completely satisfied, simply return the CD and Binder for an immediate refund of your purchase price. You simply can’t lose.

Don’t let another day go by working BLIND!

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