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Eliminate One of Your Biggest QuickBooks Headaches

Thank you for your interest in our QuickBooks Diagnostic Solutions!  We are always excited to have the opportunity to help accountants and business owners succeed using technology.

As part of this ongoing effort to help accountants and other professional service providers building thriving practices, we are are updating the tool to use more current technology, and we are in the process of bringing even more great solutions to you! 


“How to Eliminate One of Your Biggest QuickBooks Headaches”

No More Surprises!
The Small Business Diagnostic Tool-QuickBooks Edition organizes the process of analyzing any client’s QuickBooks file. The SBDT-QE’s organized approach includes 150+ questions broken into 23 functional topics. You get specific instructions for each product (Basic, Pro, Premier and Enterprise Solutions including Industry Specific Editions) and versions 5 through 2012 as well as commentary on each question.

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Add Value with Custom Report
Also included are practical tips and tricks related to the questions. The SBDT-QE generates a 20+ page custom printed report that can be presented to the client as a stand alone product or as value added recap of the work you perform.

This report can be printed or exported to Microsoft Word. We have a sample of a couple questions from the 170+ in the tool for your review. To review the sample questions, click here.

No More “Free” Introductory Meetings
And you can forget doing those “free introductory meetings” since the SBDT-QE allows you to get paid for the high value printed report. With the SBDT-QE, you can stop wasting time with outdated trial and error assessment methods and stop working for free!

“Since I have used this tool, whenever anybody calls off the Web site, I tell them that I will do the diagnostic program for them.  So far 2 businesses have taken me up on it and it has really gotten rid of the looky-loo’s and people who are looking for ‘freebies’. ” Ken Meyer

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A Professional Tool that Makes You Look Like a Genius
This Diagnostic Tool is NOT a simple file scan, but a professional analysis and training tool. This program takes you beyond just the obvious objective issues into the important subjective calls. Plus you and your staff learn to navigate in QuickBooks more efficiently while discovering valuable troubleshooting techniques.

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Want More Information?
This is a perfect topic for our Free Monthly Discussion Forum Tele-Class so you can see the product in action and hear about our first hand experiences. There is also information available via our Free Consulting and Marketing eReport and our web page on “How to Eliminate One of Your Biggest QuickBooks Headaches”. For specific questions, please complete this contact us form.

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