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Bookkeeper Test for QuickBooks Accounting Software Users

Thank you for your interest in our QuickBooks skills testing solutions for bookkeepers!  We are always excited to have the opportunity to help accountants and business owners succeed using technology.

Our diagnostic and testing solutions are no longer being offered. We apologize for the inconvenience.

For current bookkeeping tests, please visit  

Tired of hearing the “I know QuickBooks” lie?

For small businesses and accountants alike one of the most time consuming and frustrating tasks is looking for a good bookkeeper. Everyone thinks they can do bookkeeping and every one thinks they know QuickBooks, but most are not very proficient at either! Now you have another alternative to taking their word for it. Our extensive QuickBooks test especially designed for bookkeepers in the United States is a way for you to know, by functional area, exactly where they have strengths and weaknesses. It is also a way to re-test your own staff to see how their knowledge is progressing as they continue to use the software on a daily basis. With all the new versions and different ways businesses use QuickBooks, the knowledge one develops is constantly changing over time.

Trying to find an objective way to choose?

While a test alone should never be relied on to make a hiring decision, it can be one more tool in your arsenal. Used in conjunction with an effective interview process, thorough background screening, and comprehensive reference checks, it can help to provide another way to compare candidates. Make sure that whatever assessment you choose to use that the questions themselves are presented in such a way as to require the application of knowledge, not just fact recall. We feel it is more important that the candidate can think through the scenario to develop a solution rather than just regurgitate tidbits of information.