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Before You Start

Before You Start

Before You Start… Setting Up Your File


The time you spend thinking and talking with the client about what they would like from the system (and what would help them better manage their business) will save time and unnecessary aggravation later. Think especially about the information the bookkeeper, the accountant, and the client will want to create reports.

In addition, there are many alternatives as to how the various tasks can be accomplished.  It is important to think about and discuss how the flow of information from the client to the bookkeeper, as well as from the bookkeeper to the client will occur.  How, for example, is the client tracking day-to-day activity.  How will that information be relayed to the bookkeeper (i.e. fax, scan and transfer the file, client to do some data entry into a shared file, transaction information will need to be imported and then manipulated)?  To take the process one step further, who is going to need access to the information?  In what form is the information needed?

If the client has already been using QuickBooks but is now going to turn over certain functions to a bookkeeper, how does that create an easier or more difficult situation? For help in determining the status of the file, learn more about our QuickBooks Diagnostic Tool at This software walks you through 130+ questions to determine what exactly the state of the file is. It can be used as a client screen tool (charge a fee and they receive a custom report on their file that they can use with you or anyone else), a check up service regularly for client files, etc..

The QuickBooks Setup Checklist list was developed to provide a starting place for issues to consider. Although you may not understand all of the issues on the checklist at this point, most will be addressed as you proceed through this site. This checklist will serve as a tool to help ensure that the information necessary for reports will be captured, and the way in which the data will be entered is consistent with the needs of everyone who will be using it.


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