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We have Seen Version 2004

We have Seen Version 2004

We Have Seen Version 2004

 Recently, as part of being a Certified Pro Advisor, we were able to download a Beta Wave 3 of the new QuickBooks Premier 2004.  Although it is only a quick cursory review of the pull down menus, here is what we learned about the new version:

First, the trend towards industry specific versions is alive and well at Intuit.  When installing the software, the choice of which Premier version to install is available.  Included in the list are:

  • Accountant Edition
  • Contractor Edition
  • Healthcare Edition
  • Manufacturing & Wholesale Edition
  • Non-Profit Edition
  • Professional Services Edition
  • Retail Edition
  • Premier Edition

For the purposes of our quick review, the Accountant Edition was installed.

Some of the changes noticed include:

  • Loan Manager (for calculating loan amortization schedules)
  • Fixed Asset Listing (an item list for the fixed assets that includes fields for additional information such as serial number, notes, warranty expiration as well as purchase and sale fields). This listing will also interface with a Fixed Asset Manager included in the Accountant Edition for calculating depreciation.
  • Vehicle List and related feature to record mileage that is billable or not, then create reports or invoices based on the information.
  • Form 1096 is now available to print
  • It is possible to mark a journal entry as an adjusting entry, and a new report has been added for those specific transactions.  And a new Trial Balance Report has been added to include those entries separately in an “Adjusted Trial Balance” format.
  • In the bank reconciliation window, it is possible to add the memo field as a column when reconciling.
  • Four new reports were noticed (although there may be more new ones): Transaction list by customer and transaction list by vendor provide the ability to quickly and easily create a summary report of all the different transactions types; Open purchase orders by job; and, as already mentioned, an adjusting journal entry report.
  • Included in the report list for the Accountant Edition are detail listings of additional reports by different premier editions with the exception of the non-profit edition.
  • Ability to e-mail reports and Purchase Orders

Still notably missing is the ability to:

  • Control the closing date by the Accountant (i.e. it is still included on the preference)
  • A way to filter the audit trail report by user

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