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W-2 Printing

W-2 Printing

QuickBooks Tips & Tricks – W-2 Printing

Version 2003 now prints W-2 and W-3 forms on plain paper. When choosing to print the forms, you now have the choice to print on pre-printed forms or to print on plain paper.

To use this feature you must have a valid subscription to the “Do-It-Yourself” payroll service. You must use either at least 18 lb paper that is either white or cream colored and black ink.

When printing on the plain paper, the instructions print first with details on processing the various copies. Then 3 W-2 forms print on one page for the employee”s federal, state, and local purposes. The next sheet is for the employee”s records including some additional instructions. And finally there is a copy, 3 forms to a page: one for the employer, and the remaining two for state or local purposes if needed. Each employee will print in this format.

Once the W-2 forms have printed correctly, the W-3 form can also be printed on plain paper.

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