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Find Invoice

Find Invoice

Find Invoice

With version 2005 there were many feature enhancements to the receive payment section of the program.  Everything from preference changes to write off an over/under payment to being able to create a refund check for an overpayment immediately.  Another enhancement is the ability being able to find an invoice directly from the receive payment screen.

Prior to version 2005, if an invoice number was known but the customer was not, it was necessary to either create a custom invoice register report sorted by invoice number, or to use the find feature.

QBRA-2005: Customers > Receive Payment


To use this new feature, open the receive payment window and click on the find customer/ invoice button.  A pop up box will appear that permits entering the any of the following criteria:

  • invoice number
  • invoice amount
  • invoice amount range
  • invoice date
  • invoice date range
  • Company Name
  • Customer:Job name
  • Customer Account number

Once the choice is made from the pull down and the information entered in the fill in box, click on search.  Those customers and/or invoices that match the criteria will display on the screen.  Click on the choice and then the button to use the selected customer or transaction.

QBRA-2005: Customers > Receive Payment > Find a Customer/Invoice



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