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Three New Payroll Services

Three New Payroll Services

Three New Payroll Services

June 3, 2003, Intuit issued a press release to announce three new additions to the payroll services previously offered. They include Complete Payroll for QuickBooks Online Edition, E-file and Pay for QuickBooks Do-It-Yourself Payroll, and Complete Payroll HR Assistant.

Complete Payroll for QuickBooks Online Edition: The payroll options available for QuickBooks Online Edition have limited the businesses able to take advantage of Intuit”s ASP solution. Now Intuit”s Complete Payroll integrates seamlessly with both QuickBooks and the Online Edition too. For specific pricing, call 1-800-445-0010.

E-file & Pay for QuickBooks Do-It-Yourself Payroll: Federal and state payroll tax filing and payment is now available electronically through a service licensed through Aatrix. The cost of the federal only service is $99/year/EIN, the federal and state service is $149/year/EIN. This fee is in addition to the Do-It-Yourself payroll subscription of $169/year.

Complete Payroll HR Assistant: This service will be available beginning in July 2003. Regular updates are provided by CCH to help ensure that employers stay compliant.

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