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Taking Over an Existing File

Taking Over an Existing File

Taking over an existing file


For most bookkeepers and consultants, after the excitement of obtaining a new client is experienced, the next thought is usually, what did I get myself into?  By having an organized approach to beginning the work with a new client, it eliminates any surprises for you.  An added benefit is that it is very easy to explain to the client what your approach will be.


Here is one alternative that works well for us.  Talk to the client about the fact that you want to provide them with the best service possible.  For you to do that, it is important that you know what is happening in their QuickBooks file so you can develop an efficient approach to working with them.  The best way for you to do that is to spend a couple of hours going through the file, checking the data integrity, looking for the common errors you have seen in most files, etc.


Using the QuickBooks Diagnostic Tool (/succ_quic_diag.html) automates the whole process and provides a professional printed report that is custom for the client’s QuickBooks data.  It is a great value added product that has that “WOW” factor, plus, it eliminates the surprises for you. http://www.4luvofbiz.com/product.php?productid=305&cat=0 is a free 28-page eReport that provides lots of ideas for marketing as well as using the tool to avoid surprises.  A free sample of the tool is available at


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