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Sorting a List

Sorting a List

Sorting a List


Accounts can be rearranged within their account type groupings on the chart of accounts or item list. It is also possible to reorganize the customer:job list. To rearrange the list, follow these steps:

  1. 1.                    Place the cursor on the diamond to the left of the account name;
  2. 2.                    Hold down the right mouse button;
  3. 3.                    Drag the account to where it is to be moved to (where the dotted line is); and
  4. 4.                    Release the mouse button.


This procedure can also be used to make accounts sub-accounts of other accounts.  Instead of dragging the account to where it is to be moved to, move it below the main account, and then drag it in underneath it.  The same theory applies to make sub-accounts into main accounts.  Click and drag them to the bottom of the sub-accounts for a main account then click and drag the account to the left to make it a main account. Similar procedures can be used on the other lists as well.


If the account is to be sorted back to its original order (numeric if account numbers are turned on, or alphabetic if they are not) choose Account > Re-sort list. Or Customer:Job> Resort list for the customer:job list.


To sort all accounts alphabetically (without account numbers turned on) click on the Name heading at the top of the account name column.  When the account list is sorted in this way, a diamond will appear to the left of the name heading.  To return the list to being sorted by account type, click on the diamond. Similar procedures are available for the other lists.



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