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Single User Versus Multi-User

Single User Versus Multi-User

Single User versus Multi-User


Which is best? The short answer is that the single user license is the best choice for a stand alone machine.  For multiple computers connected via a network, multiple licenses are required for simultaneous access.  The software is the same no matter which way it is purchased.  For example, if there are two computers networked and both users need access to the data file at the same time, the most cost effective alternative is to purchase two single user licenses and install one CD on each machine.  If there will be three of more, the 5 user pack is most cost effective. 

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TIP: According to the licensing agreement for QuickBooks, the only time the same single user license can be installed on more than one machine is when the purchaser continues to the only person who is starting and using the program on any of the computers.

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