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Sick & Vacation Calculation Enhancements

Sick & Vacation Calculation Enhancements

Sick & Vacation Calculation Enhancements

New with version 2005 is additional control over the timing of the sick and vacation accrual amounts.

Several versions ago the choice of how to accrue sick and vacation was expanded to include “for every hour worked.”  Prior to that there were only two choices, as of the beginning of the year, or for each paycheck. 

The flexibility of the calculation process has been enhanced again by two additional dates for the sick and vacation accruals.

QBRA-2005: Lists > Employee List > Edit Employee > Payroll and Compensation Info > Sick/Vacation

The “year begins on” date is important if the choice is made to accrue a specific number of hours at the beginning of the year and/or if the check box has been marked to reset the hours each new year.

The begin accruing time on date is extremely helpful for those businesses that have an employee handbook or policy that states that no sick or vacation time will accrue during a probationary period.


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