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Set Up Checklist

Set Up Checklist




Company Name

Company Phone/Fax/E-Mail/Website

Company Address/Country

Company Industry

Contact Name for Accountant

Contact Phone/Fax/E-Mail for Accountant

How will the new file be named (i.e. file name) and where will it be saved?


Should an industry be chosen when creating the file or is an existing chart of accounts to be used? (see C of A form)


What type of entity (sole-prop/corp/non-profit/etc)?


What is the report basis (cash or accrual) and year end (i.e. 9/30, 12/31, etc)


What are the user names, passwords, and access areas for each person who will use the software? (see form)


What start date will be used? (Note: Last day of the previous period is preferred)


Who will provide the beginning balances and support schedules as needed?


How should the company preferences be set?  (I.e. account numbers, audit trail, report basis, etc.) (see form)


Who is responsible for backing up the data?


Will class tracking be used?


How will customers be named?  Will the job function be used?  Use of type or custom fields?


Who will provide samples of invoices, reports, etc. if they are to be customized?


What type of items will be setup? Use inventory?


Who is responsible for ordering checks and any other pre-printed forms?


Will the payroll features be used?  If so, who is responsible for obtaining the appropriate tax table?


How will vendors be named? Are the tax id numbers to be captured for 1099s? Use of type or custom field?


Are there sales tax issues to be considered?


Will Accounts Receivable functions be used?


Will Accounts Payable functions be used?


Are there additional services or add-on products that need to be purchased or set up?



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