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Sales Rep List

Sales Rep List

Sales Rep List


The rep field is important for creating sales reports by rep.  The rep can be entered by the customer (as is appropriate when setting up or editing the customer from the Customer:Job list) or if multiple sales reps will service a particular customer, it can be entered or changed at the time the invoice is created. 

Prior to version 2000, the rep was based on the employee list.  New with version 2000 and higher, there is a separate sales rep list that can be linked to an employee on the employee list (as was done previously) or can be linked to a name on the vendor or other name lists as well.  The advantages are: independent sales reps are no longer on the employee list (often a problem for 1099 contractors when the checks were issued and the name was chosen from the wrong list); and multiple employees with the same initials are no longer a problem.

List Limits Expanded

For most QuickBooks users, the list limit for the QuickBooks Pro and Premier products of 14,500 is sufficient.  For some, however, that is not the case.  We have been seeing increased list size for a variety of reasons.  One of the most common is the increased number of customers as the result of web site sales.  For version 6 and prior, the list limit was doubled for the Enterprise Solutions Product.  New with version 7, the Enterprise Solutions limit has been removed.


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