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Remote Accounting Solutions – Accountants Service

Remote Accounting Solutions – Accountants Service

Remote Accounting Solutions – Accountants Service

Remote Accounting Solutions (RAS) provides a tool that permits easy transfer of data files between the accountant and client.  This alternative works great for the “non-technical” client and/or accountant and for those files that become too large to transfer using other methods.  A single click and the software will back up, encrypt, and password protect the file, then using FTP technology transfers the file to the RAS secure server.  An e-mail is then sent to the accountant to provide notification that the file is ready for download.  When the accountant enters the client number and password, the file is downloaded, unencrypted, and restored so it is ready for use. 




Since we work exclusively with professionals, our program is designed to allow a complete evaluation before making a financial decision. Installation and training are provided during the 30-day trial. During the trial period, there will be no fees whatsoever.


What is RAS?

A Simple one -mouse -click solution to transfer accounting data securely and efficiently between Accountants and their Clients.

But it's more…

The Data is compressed and encrypted for transfer.


The Data is backed up on both the accountant's computers and client's computers automatically


There is no Hardware to buy or Software to learn


A complete management service that includes automated notification and 24/7 customer service.


The service is based on usage, not by the number of clients installed.  A Billable Client is defined as a client that uses the Remote Accounting Solutions' service at least once in a calendar month.  If the client doesn”t transfer during the month, you don”t pay for that client. A business owner may transfer an UNLIMITED number of times during the month and that counts only as one Billable Client.  A $250 payment is due after the Trial period which will cover Firm training and ALL client installations forever.   The monthly fee is $10 per Billable Client. There is a three Billable Client or $30 minimum per month.   Future billing will be debited from your specified payment method monthly. There are no long term obligations and you can cancel at anytime.


How Much? Just $10.00 a month for your clients that utilize the service-No cost if there are no transfers during the month-

“But I need to see the data daily”-Is it still $10 a month? – Yes you may transfer an unlimited number of times per month

“But some of my clients aren't very technical” – RAS handles all the set-ups at no additional charge

“Does that include on-going training” -Yes RAS bills monthly the same $10 a month if you need additional training or not after the fact so if your not completely satisfied you don't pay


How do I know this will work? You can try the service for 30- 45 days with no cost or obligation

So to summarize – No hardware to buy No software to learn- Secured thru encryption- Faster thru compression.


Take advantage of a free trial offer.


Within 24 hours you will see why Remote Accounting Solutions makes



P.S. It really does only take 15 minutes to get set up for you or your client.  And you know the client is working properly because you receive a review copy as part of the set up process.


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