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What are registers?


Registers are the running totals for Balance Sheet accounts based on the transactional information that has been entered into QuickBooks.  The register provides an easy way to see the detail of all the increases and decreases to a Balance Sheet account and from the register, it is possible to double click on the transaction directly and “drill down” to the actual entry. 

Tip: The balance that appears on the chart of account list is the ending amount in the register, not the balance as of a specific date.  For example, if a transaction has been entered with a future date, it will be reflected in the balance visible on the chart of accounts list, but will not match the amount that appears on a Balance Sheet as of today.

Profit and Loss accounts do not have a register.  For those accounts, generate a report for a specific period of time to see the transactional information. 


QBRA-2003: Lists > Chart of Accounts > single click on account > Activities > Use Register

TIP: The “sort by” field permits the order the transactions appear in the register.  Choices include:

·         Date, Type, Num/Ref

·         Amount (largest first or smallest first)

·         Number/Ref

·         Order entered

·         Date and order entered

·         Cleared status




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