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QuickSell 2000 (Retail Management System)

QuickSell 2000 (Retail Management System)

QuickSell 2000 Retail Management System (RMS)

This product was originally called QuickSell and was developed by Sales Management Systems, Inc. but was acquired by Microsoft in 2002.  Shortly thereafter the name was change to Retail Management System (RMS).  This is the most feature complete solution we have found.  There are two products, the enterprise solution which is appropriate for multiple locations, and the Retail Management System Store Operations.  The later, according to Microsoft is recognized worldwide as a software solution that can handle POS.  It expedites checkouts and every back office task; shows you new ways to market, promote and sell; scales up smoothly for expansion and eCommerce; and cuts your POS system and operating costs.

The price varies based on what is needed but according to the Microsoft web site, the solution price typically starts at $5,000 and goes up.  This solution typically will include the software and consultant/trainer time.

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