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QuickBooks Update – Payroll Service Name Changes

QuickBooks Update – Payroll Service Name Changes

QuickBooks Update – Payroll Service Name Changes

In an e-mail sent to all professional advisors on 10/1/02, Intuit has announced a change in the name of the payroll services they offer. The product line is now called “Intuit Payroll Services” and includes three different payroll solutions to fit any business need.

Complete Payroll is the full service solution similar to that of an outsourced payroll company with one major exception: It integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks. No more data entry needs to be completed when the payroll service reports arrive just import the information.

QuickBooks Assisted Payroll is the solution that was formerly called “Deluxe.” Using this option means that the small business enters the payroll and then submits it via the internet for direct deposit and payroll tax handling.

Do-It-Yourself Payroll was called “Basic” and provides up-to-date payroll tax tables for payroll processing. The small business owner or their accountant would be responsible for remitting payroll tax payments and completing all tax filings.

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