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QuickBooks Premier Industry Specific Versions

QuickBooks Premier Industry Specific Versions

QuickBooks Premier Industry Specific Versions

At the Intuit Developer Network (IDN) Conference in December 2003, Intuit announced that approximately 1.6 million customers want industry specific solutions. With the expanded industry specific solutions available with the 2004 version of the product, Intuit moved from 30% to 67% industry coverage for its customer base of 89% of the small business accounting software market. The current industry specific products that are available are:
Accountant Edition
Contractor Edition
Healthcare Edition (discontinued)
Manufacturing & Wholesale Edition
Non-Profit Edition
Professional Services Edition
Retail Edition

With the exception of the Accountant Edition, the main difference between the industry specific editions and the “plain” Premier product is an additional navigator and a few additional reports.  With version 2006, this has begun to change.  For example, several of the inventory enhancements are only available in some of the industry specific versions.

Note: These same industry specific versions are available for the Enterprise Solutions products as well.

Not sure which to pick?  If you are not sure, and the remote access feature is not an issue, the Accountant’s Edition is usually the best choice since everything is included.  If the business will use Remote Access, it is better to choose an industry specific version since the remote access is limited to the one data file so the price is a little lower on a monthly basis.

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