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QuickBooks Hosting Overview

QuickBooks Hosting Overview

Internet-Based QuickBooks Hosting Overview

With this internet-based service the QuickBooks application and data are both hosted.  The advantage of this product is that access is available from any internet connection and browser.  There is no need to purchase and install the software, worry about what version each user has, etc. while having the benefit of the familiar QuickBooks product with all the features and functionality.

Remote Access – with any internet connection (preferably high speed) and web browser access is fast and easy to the software and data files.

Same Functionality – QuickBooks will have the same features as when installed on the Desktop; in fact, aside from the different interface to access the software (i.e. going through the browser rather than choosing the program from the Start Menu or Desktop) the difference is transparent to the user.

Version Management – Because all users are accessing the same software the need for tracking who has which version is eliminated.

Back Ups – Most services offer daily back ups, some also permit backing up the data locally for either work off-line or an extra level of data protection.

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