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QuickBooks Help Overview

QuickBooks Help Overview

QuickBooks Help Overview

From the help pull down list from the menu bar are many alternatives, some of which change if an industry specific version of QuickBooks is used.  These choices include a link to technical support, to submit a suggestion, to a QuickBooks learning Center and to the help documentation itself, just to name a few.

The help documentation within QuickBooks has been expanded in recent versions. When opening the QuickBooks help it is in a separate pop up window so it can be moved to the side as you continue to work with the QuickBooks program directly. 

QBRA-2005: Help > QuickBooks Help

It is possible to find information by using the Search, Contents, or Index tabs.  If F1 is pressed while using QuickBooks the help topic specific to the screen that is currently open will appear making the process of looking for help on what is being done more efficient.

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