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QuickBooks Enterprise Solution

QuickBooks Enterprise Solution

QuickBooks Enterprise Solution

The Enterprise Solution became available in 2002.  The interface is exactly the same as the Pro and Premier products making the upgrade to the most comprehensive product Intuit offers easier.  This is the “mid-market” solution for companies that need a more robust product.

It includes all the features of QuickBooks Premier plus most limits have been doubled.  For example, the Enterprise Solution is set up for a maximum of 10 simultaneous users (as compare with 5 in Pro or Premier) and the list maximum values have been doubled to a maximum of 29,000.  The Enterprise Solution also has a different data structure which improves performance, especially in larger data files.  According to the information Intuit provides (as well as limited testing by us when installing upgrades to the Enterprise Solution) key reports are 50% faster.  For reporting purposes, the Enterprise Solution also permits creating reports from multiple Enterprise Solution files by using Excel.

The Enterprise Solution also provides human resource management features, the ability to find customers based on many criteria such as phone number, company name, etc.

The Enterprise Solution supports Window Terminal Services for remote access to the QuickBooks data file.

This product is only available as a 10 user package (cost approximately $2,500) and includes any upgrades for the year and technical support (cost approximately $1,000) for a total price of approximately $3,500.

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