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QuickBooks Basic

QuickBooks Basic

QuickBooks Basic


QuickBooks Basic takes the ease of the registers and forms from Quicken and expands to include more sophisticated business functions such as inventory and a true general ledger.  Prior to 2002 the name of this product was simply QuickBooks. 


The payroll features are fully integrated, but only the Do It Yourself tax table subscription option is available.  Most add-on products require version Pro or higher.


QuickBooks Basic is only appropriate if a business only needs basic Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, etc. functionality.  If the business does not need any of the advanced features such as multi-user capabilities, integration with Add-on products, etc. then QuickBooks Basic may be an acceptable choice.  Most businesses, however, usually have at least one feature that will make it worth it to them to upgrade to at least the Pro version, even if it is only the Excel interface for reporting.


To compare different versions and products, review our comparison chart or to compare the current products only visit QuickBooks.com QuickBooks.com.


For the most up-to-date information visit a QuickBooks.com link and click on Basic in the left side navigation.  This will provide more information about the product as well as FAQs and system requirements.

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