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Payroll Items Overview

Payroll Items Overview

Payroll Item Overview


To use the QuickBooks payroll feature accumulate the information needed to efficiently and accurately enter the information into QuickBooks.  This includes:


  • ·        Company information
    • o       Tax identification numbers
    • o       Tax rates
    • o       Prior payroll tax returns
  • ·        General information:
    • o       Pay rate types
    • o       Additions
    • o       Deductions
    • o       Any special issues
    • o       General ledger account for each payroll item plus “standard” amounts
  • ·        Employee information
    • o       Name and personal information (address, social security number, etc)
    • o       Hire date
    • o       Any custom field information to be entered
    • o       Withholdings
    • o       Rate of pay
    • o       Sick/vacation accrual and accrued amounts
    • o       Year to date totals by quarter if a mid-year set up


Any line on a paycheck or related employer amount requires a payroll item. The payroll item list will contain an item for anything affecting the amount of a paycheck: wages, taxes, expense reimbursement, benefit withholding amounts, etc., as well as any company expense related to payroll. The set up wizard was changed with version 2001.  First choose an easy set up for common items or custom set up for additional items by clicking on Lists > Payroll Item List > Payroll Item > New.



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