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PayCycle Wholesale Payroll: A Must Have Client Tool

PayCycle Wholesale Payroll: A Must Have Client Tool

PayCycle Wholesale Payroll: A Must Have Client Tool

(Submitted by Roxanne Brown)

There’s no need to avoid client payroll any longer!  Ask payroll industry leaders and accounting professionals who already use PayCycle’s online payroll solution and they’re sure to tell you that the hassles, headaches, and expenses associated with payroll are virtually eliminated using this revolutionary program.

As a Certified QuickBooks Pro Advisor I do a great deal of consulting and conduct seminars on how to use QuickBooks properly and add-ons that interface well; I am often asked by accounting professionals about payroll and how to successfully integrate this service as a part of their current practice.  I highly recommend PayCycle’s Wholesale Program because it offers easy, guided self-service payroll at deeply discounted wholesale rates.  PayCycle has made it possible for accounting professionals to now offer payroll services.  I use it for my own payroll, as well as for all of my clients and couldn’t be happier.

PayCycle offers a number of features providing unmatched flexibility in running client payroll.  I am most excited about PayCycle’s seamless integration with QuickBooks® desktop software and the QuickBooks Online Edition.  Whichever version of QuickBooks that you use, the set-up is simple and fast.

To establish the initial connection to your Online QuickBooks account will take less than 5 minutes.  If the payroll accounts are not already set up in your QuickBooks file (either desktop or online), PayCycle will create all your necessary accounts on the first import; for you!  PayCycle will also set up your employees in the Online Edition if you do not already have them entered.

Instead of manually entering data into their general ledger, accounting professionals can export payroll data in a matter of seconds directly into their clients QuickBooks file and QuickBooks Online account, saving precious time.  Paycheck data is broken down into split-level detail allowing you to easily see the numbers behind the numbers.  In addition to QuickBooks Online Edition, and QuickBooks Desktop version, it seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Money, and CCH ProSeries FX Write-Up.

PayCycle also offers a client dashboard, giving you easy access to each of your clients’ payroll accounts from a single overview screen.  Additionally, you may also use dual accountant/client login access allowing your clients to access their accounts to handle some of the payroll tasks, such as entering hours.  Blank check (MICR) printing is supported, allowing you to keep check printing costs to a minimum.  PayCycle even provides customized marketing materials to help grow your accounting practice.

For just $14.99 per client per month for clients 1 – 5 and $9.99 per client per month for each additional client, you can run any number of payrolls for up to 50 employees per client, pay and file federal and state payroll taxes in all 50 states and D.C, pay employees and contract workers with free direct deposit, and create W-2″s for your clients.  They also provide outstanding customer support for accounting professionals should you need the assistance. 

With deeply discounted rates and outstanding features like the one-click QuickBooks Online software integration, and QuickBooks desktop software, offering client payroll with PayCycle’s Wholesale Program for Accounting Professionals is easier and more cost effective than ever. Try it out at and get 3 months free with no obligation.


Note:  The only issue to watch; if your accounts and employees are already set-up in your QuickBooks or Online Edition, you must enter that information exactly the same in your Paycycle set-up.  If you do not, it will add new accounts and employees.  If this happens, simply merge the incorrect list entries to the correct account/name.


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