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Major Enhancements for Version 2004

According to information supplied at the 2003 IDN Conference, with 89% market penetration, Intuit has discovered what small businesses want in their software:

  • Easy to use
  • Brand you can trust
  • Improved efficiency and productivity
  • Ability to be customized to meet needs


With this in mind, the major enhancements, according to Intuit, with version 2004 fall into three categories:


Capturing Tax Deductions

Fixed Asset List

Vehicle Mileage List

Fixed Asset Manager

Entering Vehicle Mileage

Improve Cash Flow

Loan Manager

Cash Flow Projector

Save Even More Time

Turbo-charged reconcile

Purchase Order from Sales Order or Estimate

E-mail Forms

E-mail Reports


According to Intuit, 1/3 of the enhancements are to save time.  In fact, they estimate that approximately 40 hours per year will be saved as a result.  Report enhancements, miscellaneous receivable enhancements, packing list forms and expanded price level options should be added to the last category based on the time saved.  In addition, a final category is needed to complete the information supplied from Intuit

Accountant Enhancements

Adjusting Journal Entries and Report

Adjusted Trial Balance

Closing Date Warning when changing an item account

Excel import feature

Printable Form 1096

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