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Money and Credit Card Fraud

Money and Credit Card Fraud

Money and Credit Card Fraud

Counterfeit money and credit cards continue to plague the small business community.


For suggested credit card and check procedures to help reduce fraud, visit

For information on how to spot and report fake money, visit or in the US call your local police or Secret Service office.

For an article from the Canadian Medicine Hat Police Service that deals with fraud, visit

For an example of a UV Keychain light sold in France that can be used to detect counterfeit money,

For an interesting article from the United Kingdom about “skimming” credit card numbers, visit

For a $29.00 self-study bookkeeper course on “Mastering Internal Controls and Fraud Prevention,” written by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, visit This five section book include: employee inventory theft, preventing employee theft, check fraud, credit card fraud, and how vendors can cheat you.

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