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Marketing to New Clients

Marketing to New Clients

How to Market Using the Tool to New Clients

Sell your time to learn about the client instead of giving it away for free!  We have heard time and time again how the tool has increased the confidence of Consultants because they know they have not overlooked a major area, plus they have had time to think of alternatives specific for the client.  This confidence as well as the perceived value of having a product to leave with the client (since clients are used to paying for consulting and not having a tangible result) has provided the opportunity for many consultants to raise their fees, and get it without question, even when less expensive alternatives are available.  Sell yourself with value, not on price!


For new clients

Tell the client that before we begin working together I want to have a good sense of what needs to be addressed.  This is extremely important to provide an accurate time line and price of what will be required. I can then proceed based on the needs we will discuss and the work that needs to be done to the QuickBooks file.  The goal of this approach is to provide them with accurate and timely management information necessary to increase growth, profitability, and cash flow for their business.  This investment will provide them a custom report based on the features in QuickBooks that they are using.  If they are using everything, the result will be approximately 25+ pages of detailed information specific for their business. 


Typically I package the report with ½ to 1 hour follow up meeting.  To go through the analysis, it typically takes an hour or two based on the familiarity with the questions, functional areas used by the client, etc.


At the meeting they receive the report and we discuss what it means needs to be done.  As we discuss each marked questions, provide an estimate of what it will take to have you help them.  They can decide if they would like the item on their list (for them to complete and/or enlist the help of the bookkeeper, accountant, etc) or if they would like it to be on your list.


Even if they do not decide to use my services, the client always feels that they received value and learned what they need to watch for in the QuickBooks file.  Often they use this tool as a way to get their bookkeeper to become more competent.  That is fine since I have been paid for the work I did and they have received value for a professional assessment. 


Quite often, the client comes back again even if they have decided not to hire me to do the consulting either to confirm that the changes have been made correctly, or, they have discovered that a lot of the “QuickBooks Professionals” out there really do not know what they are doing.  In any event, you have proved your knowledge and value.


Referrals are also a natural extension of this process.  With so many small businesses using the software, providing value and a flexible working relationship has lead many clients to telling their friends who also use QuickBooks about the great analysis they received without the pressure of hiring an expensive consultant to actually do the work.  Happy clients refer other potentially happy clients.


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