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Macintosh Notes

Macintosh Notes

Macintosh Version

With the release of QuickBooks Pro 6.0 for the Mac late in 2003, the annual upgrade for the software seems to be back in sync with the Windows versions. While much of the information contained in the site will be applicable to both platforms, there are some differences between the two. At this point we do not attempt to offer extensive documentation for the Mac version specifically. Until 2003, the Windows platform products have been enhanced via new versions; however, there had not been a new version for the Macintosh Platform for many years. Version 5.0 for the Macintosh Platform was released at MacWorld in January, 2003.  The payroll processing is still provided by Aatrix as an add-on and the features are not as extensive as the Windows products but Intuit has stated that they will continue to support Mac users.  For the press release information, visit

Version 4.0, as it was originally purchased, was designated as “not Y2K compliant” on Intuit’s website.  That means “The product or service has been tested and does not meet Intuit’s Year 2000 Compliant Standard.”  To correct the issue, a software release was available directly from Intuit to make the program Y2K compliant.  It is recommended that this update be obtained and installed as soon as possible if version 4.0 is being used. 

The version 4.0 data can be converted to the newer Windows versions either by purchasing and installing Virtual PC for the Macintosh computer, or by backing up the data onto PC floppy diskettes, then restoring the data onto a PC with Windows installed.

Late in 2004, the latest version of QuickBooks for the Mac was released. QuickBooks: Pro 2005 for Mac is now able to open QuickBooks for Windows back up files, as well as now uses the same menus as QuickBooks for Windows. Some additional enhancements include QuickZoom in Pay Bills and Receive Payments, several alerts, the ability to back up data to a .Mac account, use scroll-wheel mouse, ability to hide inactive list items, etc.

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