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Mac 5.0 Solutions for Windows Accountants

Mac 5.0 Solutions for Windows Accountants


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QuickBooks Update – Mac 5.0 Solutions for Windows Accountants

Thanks to those of you who responded to the interim e-mail with the updated information on QuickBooks 5.0 for the Mac not interfacing with the Windows products. Out of the replies, here are several that may be helpful to you:

Bonnie – FYI, I support both platforms. Here”s how I do it…I have a G4 as well as all the PCs. The key is the software, DAVE by Thursby… it allows my WIN NT server to back up all my MAC stuff. This software allows my MAC to be recognized by my server for data storage, DSL, printer etc. Clients can email directly to the MAC. Converting MAC QB v4 to Win was fine but then I could never send it back. The MAC QB v5 is improved but QB on the MAC doesn”t begin to compare to the WIN version. I have a lot of entertainment industry clients which in general tend to be MAC people so it is worth my while to have the G4 and support both platforms. As an additional note, I have both Quicken and QuickBooks on the MAC.

MargoLindenKatz, CPA

To take Margo“s suggestion, one step further. The Remote Accounting Software service will permit backing up and sending the file, assuming the Mac has Windows emulating software. This would automate the process of transferring the file from the Mac client to the Windows accountant.


I was told by an Intuit sales rep that it will be possible to convert Windows files to Mac 5.0 in March when a fee based conversion utility becomes available.


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