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Lost Pasword Alternatives

Lost Pasword Alternatives

Ask the Expert – Lost and Incorrect Passwords

Q – I have a client who changed the user and password in her QuickBooks program. When she did this, she wrote down the user and password so that when she went back into the program she would have the right information. She called this afternoon to let me know that she was unable to log on. She tried several times and was not successful. Is there any way for her to retrieve the correct user name and password? If she is unable to retrieve the information, can she restore a prior back up and have the old user and password restored?

A – There are four possible solutions.

Alternative 1 – Try variations to guess the password. Keep in mind that Version 2004 is case sensitive.

Alternative 2 – You could restore the old file with the old password, but that means you would need to re-enter the information to get current.

Alternative 3 – Use Intuit’s password recovery service. It provides a link to an article to help troubleshoot the issue depending on the version (which sounds like what you have already done) or the option to use their service which is $65 for 5 day service or $150 for 1 day service.

Alternative 4 – Another solution is called Advanced Intuit Password Recovery. It is a tool that sells for $99 and will display the version, user name and password for any data file version 4-2002. For versions 2003 and higher, the password can be removed.


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