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Locating Discrepancies

Locating Discrepancies


Locating Discrepancies

With version 2004, the ability to locate discrepancies has been expanded.  From the first screen of the reconciliation process when using QuickBooks Premier or Enterprise Solution software, it is possible to receive help in finding the difference between the opening balance on the reconciliation screen and the bank statement.

QBRA-2004: Banking > Reconcile

By clicking on the “Locate Discrepancies” button, several alternatives are now available.

Discrepancy Report

This feature was new with version 2002 Premier and Enterprise Solution was a reconciliation report designed to aid in determining the specific transactions that have been changed since the last reconciliation with a transaction date prior to the statement date.

Previous Reports

With version 2002 Premier, there is an option for printing the previous reports for any reconciliation completed subsequent to the upgrade.  This option is available from the second bank reconciliation window, or by choosing Reports > Banking > Reconciliation discrepancy, summary, or detail.


QBRA-2003: Banking > Reconcile > Ending Balance > Continue > Previous Reports

With version 2004 Premier or Enterprise Solution, this option has been expanded to include a report of the previous reconciliation exactly as it was (this is the only option available in previous version, but with 2004 it has changed to be a PDF report) or the transactions plus any changes to the transactions since the reconciliation was completed.  The option of detail or summary was available with version 2002 or 2003, the option to print both (similar to “full” in the older versions) is now available also.

QBRA-2004: Banking > Reconcile > Locate Discrepancies > Previous Reports

Undo Last Reconciliation

This feature was new with version 2004 and will permit undoing the previous reconciliation.  It is possible to undo the reconciliation sequentially back in time.  It is recommended that a back up be made prior to using this feature. 

QBRA-2004: Banking > Reconcile > Locate Discrepancies > Undo Last Reconciliation

Restart Reconciliation

This feature does just that – it returns to the screen to enter the ending bank statement balance and proceed forward in reconciling the account.

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