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QuickBooks Online Edition

QuickBooks Online Edition

QuickBooks Online Edition

Intuit’s ASP solution is called the Online Edition.  This product is Internet based with the software and the data both being hosted online.  This is the perfect solution for those businesses that do not require some of the more robust features available with the desktop solutions that need access from remote locations.  A high speed internet connection is recommended then access is available from anywhere with only a browser.

Some of the features currently included are the ability to convert data from a desktop product, time tracking, the ability to automatically create a budget, advanced journal entry options and closing date exception report, form template options, the ability to e-mail forms and reports, integration with Microsoft Word, Excel, and numerous other add-ons, payroll processing, just to name a few.  The Online Edition does not have the ability to create purchase orders or manage inventory.

The features are constantly being enhanced so a visit to Intuit’s website is the best way to discover what is currently available.  For the most up-to-date information visit QuickBooks.com and click on Online Edition in the left side navigation.  This will provide more information about the product as well as FAQs and system requirements.  To compare the Online Edition with other desktop products visit QuickBooks.com (http://quickbooks.intuit.com/?priorityCode=3969702399&kbid=2519&img=Fast-&-easy…gold.gif&sub=).

The pricing in approximately:

Up to 3 users                $19.95/month

Up to 10 users              $29.95/month

Up to 20 users              $49.95/month

Plus Package                $15.00/month


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