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Transfer of the Live Data File

Transfer of the Live Data File

Transfer of the Live Data File


This option prohibits the client from continuing to enter day-to-day transactions until the data file is returned and restored on the client’s system. Any changes made to the file by the client while the accountant has the file will be overwritten when the backup is restored and will need to be re-entered. In this situation, the person with the back up has the “live” file. The advantage to this is that the accountant has full access to perform any functions within the software including transactional, preferences, list manipulation, etc.


The information can be transferred to the accountant by using a backup diskette. Other media alternatives include using a zip disk or writeable CD if the appropriate hardware is available.


TIP: Run the audit trail report from the client’s computer system for the period that the accountant had the diskette to ensure that no changes were made to the file prior to restoring the backup from the accountant. If any changes were made, print the report so the transactions can be re-entered into the accountant’s copy of the file once it is restored.


Another alternative is to transfer the backup file via the Internet as: an attachment to an E-mail (if it is too large try using the winzip or stuffit software); using an FTP site; or using third party internet back up programs like or This choice serves to eliminate some of the delay in delivering the file from the client to the accountant and back again.


TIP: The upgraded service from QuickBooks for Remote Access includes a file transfer component to permit the transfer of the QuickBooks file electronically by the accountant from the client.


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