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Data Transfer Add-Ons

Data Transfer Add-Ons

Data Transfer Add-Ons

There are many ways to transfer data if the options are expanded to include add-ons.

QuickBooks Remote Access Upgraded Service – with the premium service available through Intuit, it is possible to use the file transfer alternative.  Most other remote access software alternatives have a similar feature.

Remote Accounting Solutions– the affordable service installs a tool on the desktop of the client and accountant.  With a couple clicks the data is automatically backed up, password protected, and encrypted.  It is then securely and quickly transferred via ftp technology to the RAS server.  With a couple of clicks the Accountant downloads the data where it is unencrypted and restored.

Transaction Copier Tool – there are several different alternatives for tools that permit copying transactions from one QuickBooks data file to another.  Two of the most common are:

  • Big Red Consulting’s QuickBooks Transaction Copier
  • Karl Irvin’s Data Transfer Utility

QIF to Excel to IIF– is another Big Red Consulting product.  This Excel Add-In permits converting a Quicken export file into a QuickBooks import file.

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