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Client Data Sharing With Accountant

Client Data Sharing With Accountant

Client Data Sharing With Accountant


There are many ways to share data in QuickBooks between the client and the accountant. The decision as to what will work best is dictated by several factors including the accountant’s knowledge of QuickBooks, the level of computer expertise of the client, the timing of information turn around between the two, and the version and release used by each.


To determine what version and release each is currently using, press the Ctrl and 1 buttons together. The very top line of the box that appears will state the version and release.


QBRA-2002: Ctrl > 1



If the most recent release is not being used, it can be downloaded for free from the Internet by using the Update QuickBooks feature within the software.


TRICK: For accountants and bookkeepers who visit numerous clients, it may be advantageous to create a CD or diskette of the most recent release (INET folder) to permit updating the client’s release when on-site with them to eliminate this problem completely.


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