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Financial Statement Designer Overview

Financial Statement Designer Overview

Financial Statement Designer Overview

New with version 2003 was an add-on from Intuit called Financial Statement Reporter that was available for purchase.  That product was also available to work with version 2004 also with no upgrade fee for the 2003 users.  New with version 2005, this product has been expanded significantly, the name changed slightly, and it is now included in the Premier: Accountant Edition and Enterprise Solution products for no additional fee.  Although it is still an add-on, it automatically installs as part of the software and is attached to the report pull down menu to make it a seamless integration.

QBRA-2005: Reports > Financial Statement Designer

This new product has a spreadsheet look and feel to permit additional calculations, increased control over the look of the financial statements, etc.  There is also functionality to include filtering for class and job information.  There is also the ability to start with a blank word processing document to create additional title pages, supplemental schedules, and notes (text only without any links into the data)

There are many standard formats that are available for the Balance Sheet, Income Statement, and Cash Flow Statement.  The FSD has also been expanded to include Statement of Retained Earnings and Current Year Ratios.  In addition the number of letters has been expanded.

Note: Budget versus actual reports are not available at this time.

QBRA-2005: Reports > Financial Statement Designer > Create a new Financial Statement Designer client

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