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Applicant Screening Alternative

Applicant Screening Alternative

Applicant Screening Alternative

Everyone recognizes ADP (Automatic Data Processing Inc) as one of the leading providers of payroll processing services. But, did you also know they have a very cost effective employee screening service, available even if you do not use their payroll service? This was a recent revelation for us, so we wanted to share it with you.

Employees and all the costs that go with them are the largest expense for many small businesses. This cost can mean the difference between failure, “surviving,” and success. Background screening is one of many suggestions we make in our “8 Ways to Avoid Fraud when Using QuickBooks” eReport. Until now we had not found such a cost effective way to “practice what we preach.”

ADP”s EasyHire product is your single source Internet solution for pre- and post-hire HR needs. It includes an intuitive online applicant screening process and unlimited HR support. EasyHire helps you minimize the hiring risks. The service is a set monthly fee of $30 for unlimited access (within reason) for the following verification reports and HR support services:

First Check Reports – to determine if an applicant is providing fraudulent documents or an invalid SSN

Instant County Locator Reports – this report provides residential history information

County Felony Criminal History Search – to help reduce workplace violence and negligent hiring lawsuits (up to three counties identified in the Instant County Locator Reports)

This cost effective alternative makes sense for accountants who wish to offer the service as a value added alternative for their clients and for small businesses who are in an employee acquisition phase. The service can be cancelled at any time, so pay for it only when hiring activities are needed.

As an EasyHire customer you will also have access to several products which may be ordered at an additional charge. These products include:

Education/Employment/Credential Verifications

Name Verification

Credit Records

Workers” Compensation Claims Reports

County Misdemeanor Criminal History

Statewide Criminal History Search

National Wants and Warrants

Driving Records

For more information, review the EasyHire PDF document, EasyHire PowerPoint presentation or contact Rich Lucero at 925-358-5076.

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