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IIF versuus qbXML Interface

IIF versuus qbXML Interface

IIF versus qbXML Interface

IIF (Intuit Interchange Format) and the qbXML version of XML (eXtensible Markup Language) are two different ways that data file can be updated.  List IIF files can be created and manipulated relatively easily.  Transactional IIF files and use of qbXML typically requires programming skills and knowledge.

Information coming from Intuit is that the IIF format is being phased out.  This process will take some time to happen completely, but developers are (or at least should be) keeping it in mind as they move forward on projects.

As a consultant, it is not necessary that you become fluent in XML or know all the programming and technical jargon.  Talk with a programmer about the needed function and how you suggest it be accomplished.  Then sit back and listening as they describe if that is feasible or not based on the access Intuit has permitted, what their product was designed to do, the depth of their knowledge in a particular area, etc.

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