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Y! Store Tools Products

Y! Store Tools Products

Y! Store Tools Products

Order Checker

Order Processor for Yahoo Stores

Order Checker for Yahoo Store

This product is available for $99.95 which includes 1 year of free upgrades from www.ystoretools.com.  A trial version is available.

The Yahoo Store Order Checker is a program designed specifically to help make sure all your orders are properly marked as charged and shipped or they are marked as cancelled. Rather than spending time every week manually reviewing every order to make sure they are all taken care of, this program will do it for you.

You can save time, money (by making sure everything is charged correctly), and increase your customer service level by making sure every order is handled properly.

Simple and straightforward, this will help guarantee that you don”t miss a step and don”t have to spend hours double checking.

Order Processor for Yahoo Stores

This product is available for $397 for a single store standard version or $595 for a single store PRO version, each includes 1 year of free upgrades from www.ystoretools.com.  A trial version is available.

If you are tired of manually downloading your orders, hand typing or printing them out, manually updating your store with shipping information, and having to continually hit the Sale button for every order. This tool will automate all of these processes for you.

This tool can automate the following:

  • Download your Orders
  • Load orders into Excel and automatically print if requested
  • Track which orders are open (not shipped or not charged)
  • Update shipping status on your orders
  • Batch process credit cards through the store and report approval/declines
  • Screen for fraudulent orders based on user customizable rules
  • Import & Export shipment and tracking information for a number of different programs (i.e. UPS Worldship, FedEx Quickship, Dazzle, Postal Package Partner, etc.)
  • Export daily transactions to Quickbooks (individual orders or summary data only)
  • Send quick e-mails (based on templates and their order information) to customers at the click of a button
  • Auto cancel unpaid orders after a selected number of days
  • Create separate orders for each drop shipper you may use (contact us for the revised excel spreadsheet)

    The new PRO version also includes:

  • Multiple user capabilities & tracking
  • Editing of orders
  • Historical data, records & activity logging
  • Bar coding & additional options for invoice & packing slip formatting
  • Split Shipments & Individual Item Status Codes
  • Returns Tracking
  • And much more.

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