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Write It Once Shopping Cart Assistant

Write It Once Shopping Cart Assistant

Write It Once Shopping Cart Assistant

In a nutshell, the SCA completely eliminates the need to manually enter your online orders into your business applications, such as, Accounting, Shipping, Credit Card Processing, and Contact Managers.  This program will be ready within 24 hours after purchase.  The cost is $297.00 from www.writeitonce.com.


In 3 simple steps, you will bring your online orders right into your business applications. Not only will you eliminate data entry errors, but your productivity will increase. As a result, you will be able to process and ship your orders faster.


STEP 1 Capture the order information.

The SCA supports all shopping carts in the market and captures the information from the following sources:

STEP 2 Once the data is captured, with a click of a button, the SCA will create the corresponding data/import files for bringing the data into your respective applications.


STEP 3 Open your program and import the file created by the SCA.

Note: In some programs, such as, QuickBooks Pro 2002 or higher, the SCA will directly create the data.

ACCOUNTING – When the data is imported into your accounting application, the customer and sale are created and your inventory and G/L accounts are automatically updated.

SHIPPING When the data is imported into your shipping applications, such as, FedEx or UPS Worldship and you are ready to ship your products. You simply type the order number as the Nickname or Customer ID and the shipping address will automatically be displayed.



CREDIT CARD PROCESSING For those doing off-line credit card processing, the SCA creates the import files for bringing the credit card payment information into your programs, such as, IC Verify, PC Charge, PC Authorize, and PC Transact IT. Plus any virtual/web terminal and batch upload files.

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